Celebrating a Life in Tennessee Art

Lloyd Branson, Artist (1853 - 1925)

Enoch Lloyd Branson, the Artist

     Information that is available about the award-winning artist Lloyd Branson is wide-ranging and often viewed with slightly varying consistencies. Much is known about the portraits of Branson, but there are other sides to the story that involve his life as an art teacher, a mentor, a photographer, world traveler and his beautiful works with landscapes and historical paintings. We know that Lloyd Branson was born in East Tennessee on August 8, 1853 and that his talents as an artist were realized at an early age.

     He was befriended by Knoxville, Tennessee physician Dr. John Boyd who first recognized his talents in a rendering of Ulysses S. Grant. Dr. Boyd convinced Lloyd's parents to allow their son to leave his farming community in Union County Tennessee and enroll at East Tennessee University (now the University of Tennessee Knoxville). That was at the age of seventeen. Lloyd was encouraged by favorable remarks and assessments of his work at the university and was urged to study in New York, arguably recognized as an emerging center of art in the world in the 19th and 20th centuries. He moved to the city in 1873 and entered the National Academy of Design. His work there resulted in his winning an award that would allow him to travel to Europe and extend his learning at the French National Academy of Design around 1875 - quite an accomplishment for a young man in his late teens and early twenties.

     On this website, you can find a listing of many of Lloyd Branson's paintings and other works. This listing will be amended as this website grows. We again encourage you to send your feedback and any information you might have about his works (both public and private) to us through our contact page.